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Who Is Lee Marmon

Who Is Lee Marmon?

Lee Marmon is America’s best known and most widely respected Native American photographer.

For the past fifty years, Lee Marmon has used the magic and power of his camera lens to immortalize the noble spirit and enduring legacy of his elder tribes people in his native Laguna, New Mexico. The passing of time has turned his prolific collection of rare and high quality photographs – both portraits and landscapes - into a breathtaking album of images that he proudly calls, “Visions of My People.”

Lee Marmon was born into circumstances that made him uniquely positioned among beings to create this great historical tapestry. The accumulated volumes of his life’s work – thousands of photographs from a bygone chapter in our nation’s cultural history - comprise a priceless gift to America. They are the product of the rare confluence of Lee’s ethnic identity, generational positioning, artistic talent, technological vision, and his own cultural awareness.

Today, at age 79, Lee Marmon is still driven by his love and passion for his craft. From his photography studios in Laguna, New Mexico, Lee personally produces and signs each high-quality print from its original negative, using time-tested, professional darkroom techniques.

Lee has teamed up with Image Management Associates, LLC to bring you a limited selection of his best known and most highly acclaimed images. All are available for immediate purchase, both framed and unframed, or in wall poster form, in the Gallery Showcase.

Lee’s images are sure to delight and enchant the outdoor lover, the history buff, the art collector, the cultural sophisticate, and anyone who embraces a love of the earth and humanity in all of their splendid variations.

Visions of my People: A proud celebration of the Laguna People, and of American history, talent, culture, and diversity from America’s best-loved Native American Photographer.


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